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You can enjoy diving without knowing much about marine life - it is after all a wonderful spectacle - assuming visibility is reasonable!!  But if you want to know more about what you are seeing and be able to identify the different sorts of marine life you will find it helpful to work though these modules.  We've started with things that don't move much! They are easier to spot and take photos of.  These are all types of life you will see on club trips, if you look hard enough!





These are really varied and one of the key forms of marine life you will see on dive trips here in the UK and abroad. They are great to study as they don't move around!


This module looks at the five classes of Echinoderm.  All the examples are of shallow water species you might see n dive trips around the UK.


Basic Marine ID


Most of us can recognise a seal when we see it - but what sort of seal and what else can you see when diving?


This is a guide to help you identify the 9 basic types of sea life you will see when diving.  It features photographs taken by club members on trips around the UK.


The same principles apply to identifying marine life wherever you are diving. It is based on a presentation made by Ann Bailey in 2016


These are an important form of marine life. Many wonderful creatures depend on them from Seahorses (in the UK and abroad) to manatees, dugongs and turtles.


There is only one sort of seagrass around the UK but you should see the others on club trips abroad.


This package looks at sea grasses, how to tell them apart and why they are important.

Corals in the Red Sea


There are a lot of different corals in the Red Sea. This is a basic guide to some of the ones you may be able to identify.


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Red Sea Fish ID


This is my starter for 10 to help you identify fish in the Red Sea. There are hundreds of different fish and this guide only looks at a few species. I'll be adding more and a quiz but thought I'd put up what I've done so far. Feedback welcome.