There's a lot to learn and remember as you develop your diving skills and knowledge.


The modules on this page are intended to remind you of things you may have forgotten or got a little bit rusty in terms of your knowledge.


There are also modules to help you with some of the theory stuff you have to master to pass your theory tests.


There are just two modules at the moment. More will be added.  Feel free to suggest what would be useful using the contact form on our main website.

gallery/air planning

Air planning


Whatever you level of diving qualification, air planning is important. You need to know if you will have enough air for the dive you are eagerly anticipating!


This package looks at air planning for Ocean divers and Sports divers.  It also contains some handy hints for improving your air consumption!

gallery/diving signals

Diving Signals


It's important to be clear about what diving signals mean. Underwater, unless you have a dive slate, they are the only way of making sure you and your buddy (and other divers in your group) are clear about each other's intentions.


This module will help you check out the commonest diving signals you are likely to need.